Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Analogy Of Pain

Writing after long. Making no excuses.

Yesterday, I heard the Master give an analogy of pain to an audience. He was in Russia and he guided the world's largest online meditation webcast. They say 140 countries participated. And right after the short ten minute meditation, he said this about pain and suffering - not quite in that exact same language but it's the essence:

You are magnanimous, your consciousness is meant for bigger things, larger perspectives. So when you try to bring it down to small things and a limited perspective, it causes you suffering. Much like a human being trying to squeeze through the vents instead of using the door.

It made sense.

He also said, for the very first time, that meditation will give you not just a strong body and mind but also make you self-reliant. This is vital to me. I have always looked for approval and guidance, support and consolation from my mother. Depended on it, in fact. Over the last one year, as she withdrew it, I have learnt to let go of my need for those things. I am not saying I am completely there but I know, now, that I cannot keep asking for those things. This whole process over a year and a half has made me see, finally, that I need to first look to myself, to my Master, for guidance, support, learning.

I cannot fixate on one person when I have an entire universe to gather my lessons from - use the door, not a vent or a cat flap.

PS: I am going to be using this blog to record learnings for myself, much like I use my food blog to record recipes and techniques for myself.