Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Going Under The Knife

I had my LASIK last Sunday. 28th June. I had consciously not done any research on it. I have been visiting a clinic for the last eleven years now for all my eye care needs and they have always been so good, I just implicitly trusted them.

It made me think of how there are very few things I implicitly trusted. An eye clinic happens to be one of them. And that's okay. They were, after all, going to cut through my cornea. I trusted my doctor, didn't ask who would operate on me, was told I'd have the best and that it would be alright. I trusted that. I did no background reading. I went forth like a child that had been told by a parent that everything would be okay.

And everything was.

I had a doctor from heaven. He made me internalise consent, resolve realism. He also offered to sing to me in case it got to disorienting. I politely refused, having no idea what he must sound like. He walked me through the whole process, displayed an acute sense of why this surgery was vital to me. It was not a simple LASIK like most people undergo. It had a certain complication which doubled the time I spent under the laser beam and also effectively doubled my recovery time. I don't remember the last time I was so tangibly taken care of by another han being.

This doc is my new hero. I'll probably never see him again and that's okay. His assistant doctor was an equal gem. P noted how they all seemed evolved and surreal. Almost unreal. Not complaining. A bit of surreal evolution is just what I needed. And man, was I glad I did not research h the process. While the procedure remains painless as it is carried out, the things you perceive are deeply disorienting and I am fairly sure had I known what I'd experience, I might have chickened out. And it was not even painful. It was just perceived...shock, I'd say.

Anyway. I am recovering. It's been four days and I am apparently healing fast. The only thing I have started using is the phone on level 1 brightness. I still cannot stand reading & the television. I also bought the most expensive UV protected sunglass I can afford because it will help me heal faster over the next several weeks.

Lots has happened that I have not recorded on this blog but I am sure I can do a few trips down memory lane posts to cover it all.

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