Sunday, 11 January 2015

2015 Has Been Nice

Like I won one of those Twitter contests, something that happens so rarely to me. And I bought some very funky earrings, one of them being a structural line design of the Eiffel Tower. I bought yellow and light blue nail colour and surprise, surprise, they agree with me and I don't look like a hillbilly. Maybe if all goes well, I will have my first Mac lip colour in a few weeks.

Gym is still a place I love being in. What's even better? We have a bunch of new trainers and they are all task masters. Beasts! So awesome, this means they are going to poke their nose into my every circuit and correct even the slightest of mistakes and make sure there is next to no injury and I will keep getting better and better and in form. Neat!

I have been baking again. After a long gap, of course. Mostly because winter is a lovely time and the oven does not feel like a furnace as much as a comforting heater in the kitchen and there's so many fruits to experiment with. I am still continuing to meet lots of friends this year, which is always a good thing. I threw out some clothes, which is never an easy thing for me to do - I tend to keep them until they absolutely go to pieces. Bad idea. So now I have a huge sack full of clothes that aren't that old and in fairly decent shape but I am done with them so they are all going to charity. Same for books - I am over some books so it's goodbye to them too. This also means extra space. Yay!

I had conducted a webinar in December which went horribly and resulted in some very upset audience members and an even more upset me. I decided to blame it on the system (which was definitely a major cause for the collapse, useless piece of crap, Windows) and the coordinator and to some extent on myself. I decided it was not worth the effort, trying to teach a subject as technical as SEM to a bunch of total novices on a webinar format where communication is so severely limited. But then, a peer and senior told me to do it just once and do it well. Taming a dragon, he called it. Just so I could look back and have no regrets. He told me to do it once and do it well and then never do it again. If nothing else comes out of it, personal growth shall. I agreed. I am in the middle of this webinar series now and I think I am good! My audience is learning quickly and the teaching is fun, they are interactive and we are clearing questions. Dragons are being tamed!

I also attended a very short session that Ramya was conducting with a bunch of college kids. It helped to see things from their perspective, because personally, I feel that is one of the toughest types of audience one can encounter. They want answers but are easily bored, they know they don't know that much about the real world and yet, here they are, on the brink of adulthood, fresh from the trials of childhood and it's an odd mix of freedom and cluelessness. They want to say they are scared and lost and unsure but they are not going to do it because they just got out of the total parental trap of being told that they are scared and lost and unsure. I should be talking heaps more to that sort of a group. They want to be shown the way without feeling like they are being guided again.

Dear lord, am I glad I am not in that age group anymore!

The man is playing a lot more tennis and keeps asking me if I am unhappy that he keeps going off on weekends and on some days of the week to play. Honestly, I am not. I do miss having him around all day on weekends but I also have tons of my own things to finish and he looks so happy post game. So I think we will manage. At least with this arrangement, he's getting in some much needed physical activity.

Also, I ate an egg today. After what must be...umm...years. I have eaten eggs in desserts, caramel custards and challahs but you know, a standalone egg - like a sunny side up or a boiled egg or an omelette? First time today. I am still not comfortable around a runny yolk (how did I eat it everyday as a kid, still beats me) so I settled for an omelette and it tasted good. Pretty good. Of course, I drowned it in fresh basil and rosemary so maybe there's some merit to all those aromatics but hey, one step closer to quick fix breakfasts. I didn't even feel like straight bleaching my mouth post breakfast. So relieved!

I know some of you are still reading this space :) Smiles and hugs to y'all!

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