Tuesday, 21 October 2014

When You Love Something Enough For Yourself

I have a bunch of things I like doing just for my own sake.


Working out.



Is that a bunch? Umm, sort of. Cooking, baking, keeping a house in order, marketing - all jobs or lateral interests sparked by core interests / loves. But those four things up there - all core, major interests.

I am seriously glad I have those four things in my life. Maybe not running, ever since I moved into the new house (rain) and then an injury (knee) plus I don't have a great running track. But I have the other three in my life and they make me feel alive. This is very important for me to know because I realise now that it's only when you love something enough for your own sake will you be able to let it nourish and carry you. I have always wondered at people coming on cooking shows saying they are doing this for their family. Family is important. But family is not you. You are you. Your relationship to anybody was first preceded by your relationship with yourself. And unless you are essentially doing something because you love it for your own sake, it is not going to nourish you. It will make you grow, yes, it will earn you fame, it will take you places. But it will not be your respite.

If you are to live a life that is of your own doing, you have to find that thing you love doing for your own sake and let it become your respite. I am sure the rest just falls in place of its own accord.

So examples? I love cooking coz my family loves eating good food? Lateral.
I love gymming coz it keeps me in shape? Lateral. I love writing because it helps me get published & famous? Lateral.

I love cooking coz when I cook, I am happiest? Personal. I love gymming because when I work out, I feel so alive & good about myself? Personal. I love writing because it's how I best express the stories inside me? Personal.

Do you have a personal love? If yes, you're inimitably lucky. And you must not give that up because so few of us even know this. If you still give it up, give it up only for your own sake.

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