Saturday, 4 October 2014

To Mickey


I really think you look the Big B. Majestic.

It makes me laugh every time to think that you are scared of newspapers. It makes me so proud when you leap into the air to grab a catch mid-air. It makes my heart melt when I tell you to get up & follow me out so we can play ball - and you do.

It annoys me when I ask you to not lick me but you still do while you pass me by. It also makes me smile a little. It sort of scares me but also makes me sad when you come & place your big head on my lap & make weepy sounds to get me to rub your belly.

It breaks my heart to leave you behind. Every time. It breaks my heart that you & i both lost the most amazing man on this planet to something as mundane as death.

I am sorry I go away.

Also, please have more baths & roll in the mud just a little less?

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