Monday, 6 October 2014

Some Weeks Are Wonderful

This week was spent in Udaipur. Eating delicious Pujo fare that was truly authentic - keeping up to the code of a family Durga Pujo, playing with the most amazing dog in the world.

It also brought to me mum's voice over an unexpected phone call - after two and a half months of silence. Whatever she is going through right now, I am choosing to be thankful about this little thing.

It brought collapsing into tears over the agony that family brings. Thankfully, such meltdowns are best had in the presence of somebody you can depend on and look up to, for guidance and solace if nothing else. It felt good to release that into the universe as against shouldering an impossible burden alone.

It brought me my brother, and as crazy as he is, I am sort of glad I have this time before he finds himself tossed about in life's many currents. He has grown so much. It makes me feel proud of him. And ridiculously old.

It brought me a knee pain too. I hope that heals. It makes the man concerned and much as I hate worrying him, I am so glad he'll be with me when I meet the doctor. I could live with it, of course, but my primary cause for worry is my inability to do weighted squats. This also tells me what a gym slave I have become and that makes me proud.

I know I am late in submitting this entry but better late than having given up.

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