Monday, 6 October 2014

Mostly Glad...

To have access to a good sports orthopedic surgeon who can help me with my knee injury. And yo not know for sure if the injury happened at the gym (less likely) or while rafting down rapids ( more likely) or because I slept weirdly some nights ago with my knee bent at an angle. Who cares? Plus, one less thing to worry about.

Glad that the doc said I can still continue with upper body workout while the knee recovers.

To give up notions. That I will get a direct us every time I go to the bus stop. This means I hop into the first bus taking me to Borivali. This is a lot less hassle than standing at the stop for half an hour waiting for a specific bus. This also reminds me that sometimes, you just HAVE to leap without being a stubborn little mule about having life handed out to you just the way you want it. Sometimes. Not all the time. Do not ever give over your ability for deduction to a one line philosophy on a random blog.

Glad to find a little carton of cherry tomatoes at the supermarket. For 23 bucks! And a stash of basil too! Pasta shall be made :)

Super thrilled that buses exist. Like, seriously.

Very glad that railway stations in Mumbai sell chikki. I am glad I can pick that over a packet of chips if I'm hungry.

And finally, supremely thankful I do not fall for sales. No, really. Moving homes has taught how easily & unconsciously we collect clutter and my life is now all about decluttering.

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