Monday, 13 October 2014

For Darling Friends.

I began my day with this: Ramya, Ramya, Ramya! She really lives up to her name.

I met Andrea, by now, one of those friends who has known me longest, somebody who will always be part of my life and somebody who can always be part of mine. We ate macarons. And we spoke of how lavender feels like home.

For the husband. Because he's why my faith in myself remains intact even on bad days.

For courage. To stand up & say no when you truly mean it.

For AC buses. Really. It's keeping my macarons from melting in my bag.

And for that lady in the train who gave me her window seat. And to all those people who could have protested but did not.

For ticket coupons & the choice I have to not stand in a queue.

For the sudden realization that the birthday is coming up. And all this excitement about having no plans at all!

And for Gaurav, a pesky older brother I can always count on. He's gonna have a baby & I am so stoked there will be one more person on this planet who will have an unparalleled knack of annoying him. Somebody has to do my suffering justice, after all.

My Monday has been glorious :)

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