Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Been Gone A While But...

I didn't write for an entire week. I am not sure I was in a very good place - I know I was in all sorts of places - some deliriously good. Some extremely bad. But I am here now. And I am posting again from this week. Breaks are allowed, right?

This is my Monday post. I am thankful for a whole bunch of things.

For a free cake that I didn't have to bake. It wasn't very nice but one must never complain about freebies.

I am thankful that I spoke to mum again - rather, she reconnected again. She's in a better place than before and I am glad she's claiming her life back.

I am thankful for the friends I have - one took me out to lunch & for ice cream, the other forced me out of my comfort zone by making me attend a baby shower, and yet another wrote me a letter and sent me a bunch of deliciously beautiful things. And finally, this one bunked half a day at work & we went out for lunch, ate macarons & she told me the name of her shade of lipstick which is at the moment, the most awesome material possession in my life.

I have great friends.

I had a good week.

I also cried my eyes out on my birthday, which just went by, because I was afraid I'd give up too much or take on too much professionally. It's a healthy fear. It's a legitimate fear. And the time I cried, it felt like I would go wrong, make mistakes, find my fate on the path I'd take to avoid it. But here I am. I am okay. I know I will survive mistakes. Because I have done it before.

We have all done it before.

I am thankful that I am a food blogger of sorts so I get to eat some amazing food. I went to a very fancy restaurant & tried one of their special menus last week. So good. It's ridiculous how happy good dessert & bread can make you feel.

Oh, and I went back to my doc who said my knee is fine & gave me a bunch of knee strengthening exercises.

What a relief.

I could complaint about the weather but no...I want to confess to you that mornings are getting breezy and nippy.

I love my house. It lets all that gorgeous wind in.

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