Sunday, 12 October 2014

An Okay Week

I have had an okay week.

I quit my job - what a relief. I have always believed that every job, with no exception, is 80% mundane & 20% adventure. As long as I get my 20%, I'll handle it well. Take that away and I will be first to abandon ship.

My job was becoming just that: 80% mundane. I wasn't enjoying it. The few bits I did enjoy got soaked in drudgery by the people surrounding it. And very much against my usual common sense of waiting for one ship to appear before leaping off the one I'm sailing on, this time I dived head long into the sea. I don't know where I am going yet but I know something will turn up.

My brother is living with us for a while until he gets his own place with a bunch of roomies. It's nice to have him around & he has changed a lot. Hostel has done him a load of good.

Karva Chauth happened, brownies were baked. The husband got me a runner's T-shirt as a gift :D

I bought myself two tops online that actually fit & looked very nice when I tried them on. What a relief! I also tried edamame for the first time and I quite like them!

Mum called. And spoke to me for twenty minutes. As if nothing has happened. And I did just that - spoke like nothing had happened. We chatted about mundane little things. I wasn't baffled or affected. Just, well, mildly amused.

For the last few months, I have stopped demanding an explanation from my family for their behavior. I don't ask too many questions, I do not look for reason/intention. It brings me a certain amount of peace, some amount of freedom. We are all inflicted with various kinds of madness and why people do what they do is a question I do not ask anymore. I am convinced that the answer will add nothing to my life. I let them be as long as they can let me be.

I have realised that people are grey. And so am I. I cannot throw people out of my life because they are not my version of grey. As long as they are not forcing their esteemed presence on my life, they can sing their songs just the way they want to. Fine by me.

A very good friend wrote me a nice long email :) Nice long emails really cheer me up.

And this beautiful girl called Ramya is an absolute source of peace and relief in my life.

My knee feels better than before. The husband's sprain is getting better too.

I am glad for all these things & people.

PS: I just read this post again & realised that although the week felt just okay when I first started writing this post - it was actually pretty darn decent, wasn't it? :D This activity works!!


  1. Edamame are simply the best! I have a packet of the seeds and I grew a couple of vines successfully when I was pregnant and then sadly, when I couldn't do much gardening, some pests took over :(

    I really should plant a few seeds again.

    (I'm really glad you write about your day and life. I love knowing that I can catch up with your life out here even if I don't get to catch up with you on chat. It also inspired me somewhat to start keeping a journal again :)

  2. That's amazing! You should plant :) and I am glad you're keeping a journal - its a great way to reflect.