Sunday, 28 September 2014

Reviewing The Week That Was.

Teaching has to be a pointless sort of joy every once in a while. Like, absolutely pointless, do it coz you love it sorta joy.

Sometimes, you must avoid looking at the price tag. Buy pretty shoes.

A cup of hot chocolate can do wonders for your mind. Yes, with real whipped cream.

Why are there no slides for the grown up side of the pool? So many subtle ways of reminding us that we aren't meant to have fun. Still go have fun.

There are little joys that don't seem like much on their own but together, they keep you sane. Like getting a bus that doesn't take detours. And getting a window seat. And the relief of finding that one rupee coin at the bottom of your wallet to give to your pissed off bus conductor.

Showing off, once in a while & just a little bit? Good for your health. So, umm, enjoy it when you do it.

Gender stereotyping among children is everywhere & easy to succumb to. So even if they mean pointless gift buying, go forth & prove a point. Coz I did. Unisex toys for all.

Broths are ridiculously easy to make & perfect for dinner as long as you have good bread, cheese & fresh herbs. And butter.

And finally, to remember to live absolutely selfishly. Thank you, Don Shimoda.

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