Monday, 15 September 2014

Reliving Adrenaline Rushes

In 1998, I was in Manali. It was an eight day long camping trip and this was in those days when Manali wasn't the crazy place it is today. It was cleaner, simpler and not as dang crowded. One of those days during the camping trip, we went to Solang Valley. To paraglide, of course.

I wanted very badly to go paragliding on my own, although I was also mildly petrified at the idea. It took me forever to convince my folks to let me go. Finally, I went with my dad and we para glided from this super lame altitude. Plus I wasn't allowed to go on my own. I was very miffed.

A few years ago, the man and I decided to go to Manali - it was his first time and I wanted him to see all the places I had been to and loved. We stayed in Old Manali, away from the desi tourists. We rented a bike and did most of our exploring. We paraglided too. From a 1000ft altitude. There was an option to paraglide from 2000ft but we decided to take a middle path - this was the man's first time and I wanted him to like the experience. At Solang. He went with his instructor and I went with mine.

He landed smoothly. And my craft crashed. Into a heap, on the hill and I bruised my elbow and sort of twisted my ankle. And I do not remember feeling happier. Crazy, insane and borderline nuts sort of feeling. At that insane height, you are pretty much deaf. You can only hear the wind howling in your ears even if it isn't that windy on the ground, you have goosebumps and it's freakin' cold. You can't feel a thing, you have no body, you have no identity, you are just one huge being packed with the rush of flying for the first time. You can see the tops of pine trees, you can see an eagle flying parallel and while it's just 10-15 seconds of being airborne, it feels like an eternity.

If I am ever rich enough, it's what I am going to do: take para gliding lessons and spend time para gliding. I am not sure anything feels as amazing as being airborne does. I am glad I even know feeling that way exists.


  1. That bit about gliding next to eagles... almost make me *want* to try out something as frightening as paragliding.

    Thankfully, that was fleeting ;)

  2. Try parasailing! Fun & less scary!