Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Physical Pride

I got my twenty kg dumbbells today. So thrilled! Even more thrilled that when the courier delivery boy asked "madam, yeh heavy hai, main andar rakh du?", I nonchalantly said, " no, thanks", and took the pair from him. Yay!

I remember when I was not a big fan of working out in the gym. I worked at Google then & used to go for aerobic workouts five days of the week. An hour every evening of back breaking aerobic workout, interspersed with weights & steppers. I got so used to the group energy, rhythm and pace of the thing that it took me a lifetime to figure why people would opt to go to the gym. Mumbai made that option impossible - I had to gym. Not a single decent aerobic instructor in sight & no infrastructure to boot.

But almost three years down the line, it's a distant memory. I am glad I adapted. Adventures often come disguised as adaptations. And when you know something really well, it's very likely you'll fall in love with it.

Finally, to that guy in the gym who pointedly told another girl in the gym that "weights aren't for women", try lugging a steadily growing heavy dumbbell inside your tummy 24/7 for nine months; women gave birth to weight training.

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