Friday, 19 September 2014

Looking Back

Fridays are for looking back. This week was quite a hectic one but I am glad I got a chance to make it count.

- To begin with, I started this blog. It's a great place to reflect, remember and relive. Perspectives always alter slightly in retrospect. This blog also gave me a chance to reconnect with some dear friends & it's great to hear back from them! Second best to written letters are nice, long, detail-packed emails :)

- I met two very good friends. Over some seriously delicious food. Gourmet Week is on in Mumbai and the food is deliriously good in places. It's great to dine with friends & so food to call a chef out & compliment them generously. It lights up their faces!

- I love Google. They are my past employer and by far, the best. I am also a Google Regional Trainer which lets me conduct SEM trainings on behalf of my ex-employer, for new agencies that are about to plunge into search marketing. I am off to conduct one such training today. This is the best part of my job - teaching & meeting people & learning amazing new things!

- I am organizing a blogger outreach programme for one of my clients & its a slow, long term, paced activity. I have total freedom to tailor & do it well. It feels so good to enable this! And make real use of the opportunity social media & content marketing offers!

- This week, I realised that I really look forward to going to the gym. I have always been a Yoga & Aerobics person but because I have not had access to decent trainers & a space where these can be practised, I settled for the gym. Almost three years now & I am finally at a stage where I cannot wait for my rest day to pass! So awesome & insane!

- Thank God for canned cherry tomatoes & passata. Because putting together a quick spaghetti lunch is no longer a difficulty.

- For those Kayani's Shrewsbury biscuits that the man's colleague got from Pune because every time the man travels, he gets something to eat for his team. So somebody decided to get something for him this time. And I think I have eaten more of those biscuits than he has. I guess. I must say he gave half of them to his team before he got them home. I think I have had seven this week. Eeks!

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