Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Knowing What You Don't Want.

I absolutely could not write yesterday. Tons of work. So I have two posts for today. This one's about the future. And I'll keep it simple because I did think about this. I'm only writing it in a bit late :)

I know now that sometimes, it's wise to wait until you have a grip on your solid reality of today before you're able to trapeze into the nebulous possibility of your tomorrow. We all like to play safe. But sometimes, your reality is large enough that you're gripping with both hands. Sometimes, to launch yourself into a future that is waiting to happen to you, you need to let go.

With no promise of a tomorrow. Not a dependable tomorrow at least.

But live with passion doing things you really want to do. And spend time finding out what really calls to you. Most of us don't quite know. But if you do, you're already miles ahead of the crowd.

I recently came face to face with what I do not like. At work, I hate being disorganized. I hate lack of process. I hate chaos. I hate start ups. With a deep, ingrained loathing of all things chaotic. I need to have a pattern that at least I can see, that assures me things will self-align.

It's a big step - knowing what you do not want. And hopefully, that means I'm on my way to finding what I do want. My hope is for that future. One where frustration isn't an everyday occupational hazard. And where I can be fired up about contributing to something I really believe in. In an orderly, answerable manner.

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