Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Knowing the difference.

Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them ~ Richard Bach

So when I refused to leap into the river and swim about along with every other person that went rafting at Kolad, I had enough time to think long & hard about it. Was I scares of leaping into the water? Was I afraid of drowning? What was stopping me?

The same thing that's stopping me from having children. The same thing that's telling me I do not like backpacking, hitchhiking tours. The same thing that's telling me I do not want fit into anybody's definition of cool but my own.

I don't enjoy it.

Is it my limitation? No. Limitations ought to cripple your ability to submit to a situation. Can I jump into the water? Oh yes. Do I want to? No.

No limitations kept. I love rowing and kayaking, bouncing off rapids. And no, I do not want to swim with the fish :) Soaring with eagles, well yeah, that's another story altogether!


  1. I think that's a valuable insight. Several years ago, I did a program called the Landmark Forum. It challenged a lot of my mental boundaries and opened up my life to several opportunities. But at some point, I also realised that I did not need to give in to every single opportunity that came my way. My 'No's did not always come from fear. And realising that I had the power to say No was as important as realising that I could say Yes even if I was afraid. Hugs.

  2. You absolutely got it! I am so glad I share this space with you!