Sunday, 14 September 2014

I Am Thankful For...

...several things. But mostly, this post is about three things I have tremendous gratitude for.

- The husband: And I am seriously lucky to be able to stake such a solid claim on this person. I would be equally thankful if this person were a friend or a colleague or a relative - but I am so glad he is not. I am so glad he is related to me the way he is because that means I get to spend most of my time at home with him. I can make unreasonable demands like "stop doing that and come talk to me" or "please scratch my palm until I fall asleep". I am not sure friends, colleagues and other relatives put up with nonsense like that. I am grateful for him because I am an angry person - and he calms me down, absorbing most of my fury like a sponge and waiting, waiting until I have calmed down. Had it not been for him, I'd have, by now, done something pretty drastic. Of course, he irritates me too but I will take that a hundredfold. My life as I know it today makes no sense without him.

- Mumbai: I am an individualistic person who mostly never gets bored, even if she is left to her own devices for weeks on end. I can be at peace with myself in crowds, and I love this city that I was born in - because it fits who I am perfectly. Mumbai lets me be who I am, at my own pace and lets me drown in a sea of anonymity. Anonymity is comforting - you can do what you want to and nobody pokes their nose in your business coz you are anonymous. Yes, there's other awesome things, like the incessant rains during the monsoons, my favourite part of the year. And there's the crazy, thronging crowd, which won't let up even at 2am in the morning. All other cities feel like they have a curfew thing going post midnight. That makes me nervous and shifty. I love this city. It's the best you can get in India if you are a self-focused person.

- The gym: This looks like an odd entry but there's very few things I do for my own sake as of now. I love cooking coz the man loves to eat good food. I bake for the same reason. I write because it's the easiest means of communication for me. But going to the gym? I do that just for my own sake. It makes me feel alive, it makes me feel like a superhuman. As I gradually go from lifting 7.5 pounds to being able to sort of scoff at 25 pounds...I can see my body changing, morphing, becoming more powerful and it makes me delirious! I don't much care if it's going to make me fit into the world's image of a perfect body - but when I do something strenuous and it does not tire me out? It makes me thrilled. And proud of myself.


  1. that gym entry is something Harry Osborne Sr would write. weirdo :)

  2. I love the way you love your husband. This kind of love is rare.

  3. @Gaurav: Hehe, I know right! :D

    @Reen: I am just glad I found him.