Sunday, 28 September 2014

For Tree

I am late in publishing my entries but here I am, nonetheless.

Dear Tree,

This one's for you. You make the best soup-in-a-cup with noodles. And you give the best head massages. You write the most amazing emails & letters.

You are also what ties me down most to the one place I have loved with careless abandon: college.

But mostly, I love you because we do not need conversation fillers. You are my only proof that old age does not mean people have the leeway to go batshit crazy, that they can be funny, wise, loving, childlike and constant. Like a very reassuring presence. I hope I can be that when I am old. Because really, if there's any more chaos in my future, it will be that much harder to go on.

That's why I call you Tree :)

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