Monday, 29 September 2014

For Friends

I have been one of those people who has always felt she can live without friends. I never had a best friend, just a few very good friends. It never, even now, occurs to me that if I have a problem, I can reach out to a friend. I try & solve my own problems & at the most, the husband gets to hear all the dirty details when I really need a sounding board.

Which is why it's unusual for me to be writing this. In the last few months, I have consciously tried to reconnect with old friends & have somehow, also ended up making new ones. I have made an effort and included them in my life, shared details, confided and asked for advice. I have listened, I have heard their version of life & living and found that although we may hold radically different point of views on world issues, we still want to be part of each other's lives.

This is a relief for me. I still haven't reached a place where friend are indispensable. But now, they sure are important. I am glad I can say this now. And for those two friends who were my sounding board today, I am grateful. You may not know who you are but I love you both, all the same. I am thankful for y'all.

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