Monday, 22 September 2014

Coz Things Can Make You Happy

Yes, intangibles are the best sort of happiness. But sometimes, handy little things that make you lfie easy are amazing too! This post is about acknowledging that.

I am thankful for:

- An epilator that is absolutely water proof - god knows how much of an extreme lone runner I am and this absolutely removes all my dependence on parlours and their inefficiencies. And much love to the man for letting me pick my gift this Pujo.

- For online shopping - I just got my exercise wheel, a back rowing attachment and a pair of twenty kg dumbells is on its way - I am so thrilled this is possible! Now to take weight lifting to another level!

And now for intangibles:

- For this writers' group that I attend on some Sundays - it's great to meet people. Read stories. Listen to the thoughts your words can inspire. Watch people's thoughts weave into words. Over extremely pretty and affordable martini glasses of creme cold coffees. Yum.

- For this part of my brain/mind that is absolutely accepting of foods people eat. Absolutely. And still knowing what I can make my peace with.

- For whatever forces of humanity and superhumanity let me become a Google Regional Trainer - it's so good to be be in touch with that space and the minds that make it what it is - it reminds you that all humanity isn't running on mediocrity.

- For the most delicious meal the man and I ate during the Gourmet Week - at Levo, in Andheri West. Delicious, delicious and the man loves Porcini mushrooms! I am so stoked!

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