Thursday, 18 September 2014

Because This Is Our Fuel.

Thursdays are for affection. Of any kind.

I could be affectionate about the most amazing Tiramisu a human body could ever experience. Mostly because I ate one today. But that's probably for next week when the memory of that dessert will be far more dear to me because it will be far more away from today.

But this one's for Ramya.

Dear Ramya,

I just want to tell you how glad I am that we met. I can talk to you about everything. You really listen. You turn into this big ear when you are listening. That's so difficult to find these days. You are funny, wise, charming, beautiful and I would have known none of those things had I not said yes to meeting you on a whim. Time flies when we talk and I always come back with brand new perspectives later. Do you know how rare that is?

I hope you see this. Because we all must know how ridiculously amazing we are every once in a while. Over cutting chai glasses of Mithi river water.